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Recently the Walton family sold 4.5 billion of Walmart stock. Jeff BEzos sold $8.5b. Jamie Dimon sold $150m of JP Morgan and Zuck sold $400m.  

Bitcoin hit an all time high.  

What does it all mean ?

LeTs face the facts of the banking/financial system. People think their money in the bank is safe. Go try to withdraw it today and see how safe it is. How many questions will you be asked? How much is the daily limit? Earning 5% interest while inflation is 4%, as well as your fees … for most people equals net zero.  

I get how powerful cash is. The downside - if that cash isn’t working for you making at least 4% interest then it’s losing 4% value p.a from inflation.  

I’m not a financial advisor and this certainly isn’t financial advice.  

My lane is freedom and family. That’s what I value. And I can tell you having our heads wrapped around the money game right now especially can result in more freedom and quality family experiences.  

I have had to up-skill in this area as money hasn’t been top of mind. But I have had access to brilliant people across multiple sectors who have helped me with mindset and strategy.  

Yes multimillionaires and billionaires think differently and take different actions, but like any skill they can be learned.  

The internet allowed free flow of information. Previously we had to wait to watch the news to know what the weather would be tomorrow. Now we click our phone and through the www have access to the weather for the next week in every place on the planet.  

If the internet allowed free flowing information - think of the blockchain as free flowing value. No longer is big money making mechanism available to just the elite. It’s available to you and I.  

It starts with unlearning all the indoctrination of our upbringing and an education from those who are creating real wealth in multiple countries, currencies and sectors today.  

When there is enough interest in this group and amongst your friends I will do a wealth webinar with my wealth mentors to share our mindset and strategies.  

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