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The Money Lessons We Wish We Were Taught As Kids

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Money, it’s a big word that can evoke all kinds of emotions in people. If its not mastered, we can spend our life working for it. Yet if we understand how to use it and invest it wisely, it is also something that can bring choice, freedom and your vision into reality.

In this podcast episode, we take you behind the scenes of a conversation around wealth and net worth with our kids. Lessons we wish we had have learned as young teenagers, lessons we feel that everyone should be learning right now. And conversations that you can bring to your dinner table to empower yourself, your partner and your family to step into your next level of abundance that you truly deserve!

If you are looking to start your investing journey for yourself, or for your kids, check out our blog on 10 Strategies To Free Up Funds To Start Your Money Machine, where we show you the exact steps you can apply to create cash to begin to invest.

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