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5 Powerful Family Conversation Starters

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Life can get busy and full some days and as a parent, it can be hard enough just getting everyone sitting at the table on time and eating dinner screen free, let alone thinking about what to talk about. We have got you covered. Here are 5 of our favorite and most powerful questions to ask your kids at the dinner table to bring more connection, meaning and understanding to each member in your family.

Don’t feel like you have to use them all at once. It can be so interesting to see how just one powerful question can spark a series of amazing and heartfelt conversations that last the entire meal. Pick one and start there and watch the magic unfold.

Question 1 : If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and what would you do there?
This question is great because it gets the imagination flowing and encourages everyone to dream a little. You will also gain insight as a parent, as to what excites each of your own children and see how unique they each are.

Question 2: What or who is something you are grateful for?
Embedding daily conversations of gratitude into your family is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. Reminding each of us how blessed we truly are, even on our hard days.

Question 3: What was one kind thing you saw someone do today and why did you think it was special?

We love this question because it is a beautiful reminder to be on the look our for small and random acts of kindness and also how we can each pass on kindness to others in small ways too.

Question 4: Whats a challenge you faced today and how did you deal with it?

It’s so important to hear and see through your kids eyes and see what challenges them. This is also a great way for you to share and relate to them with a story of when you were younger and how you faced a similar challenge.

Question 5: If you could change one rule at home or school, what would it be and why?
This is a great conversation starter to see what they see that is or isn’t fair in their world.

Dinner time can be a beautiful time of connection and conversation with our family, or it can be filled with mindless chit chat. You as a parent get to lead the way, inspiring each family member to not only share, but also to listen to the thoughts and feelings of each other.

These 5 family conversation starters are just the beginning of hundreds of quality questions and conversations you can have with those who matter most to you. If you liked these questions, read here to learn a special birthday ritual of ours that takes questions like these to an entire new level!

We encourage you to choose one and just start. The memories you will create from some of these conversations will last a lifetime, spark ideas, be the beginning of an exciting family holiday, the possibilities are endless. It all starts with you.

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